Vertical One-Way Moves
Alan Palmer of - - Tue Feb 12, 12:30PM CST

Rumors news and not, opinions and some levels and ideas in futures today.



What I try to do with clients is put levels my trading machine spits out in most complicated way.

Idea grains- lotto tickets have 10 days from today. I like that bet from my Tudor days.   Buy puts or calls for less than 2 weeks!  My opinion of how to find a trade that might, hopefully make five or six times your bet. The premium you pay that the market steals from you daily if long term. DECAY.

2 WEEK BETS have only 10 days of decay.  Wheat is going to OLB.  Remember we failed at a green in the overnight? 534 was it? KCN maybe, K?

Anyway, we do go from green to extreme olive in nanoseconds. Ok, one or two bars.  Jeepers your persnickety.


CTK on OL alert.  Hit a buy 71.54, more below, fill the link out already.  These markets are so hot old Pros inquiry as yours have upticked. Buckle Up said Pence. 

Paul TUDOR JONES again on CNBC.   I only saw part, and by cc but it is a must watch about what is formed at speaking in public.  Income Inequality and he cites figures.  Write em down and it you don't have time for that?

Your not a trader which is fine.  I think a profile line that needs an astute broker.  Consider one that seeks extremes in the chaotic day of commodities.

Open orders to buy hogs still work lower my levels only.  Had a client Josh, sell stop missed by .05.  I have to say name to remember in case.

Missed by a nickel and it popped 200.Front Hogs weaker and need to print an OLB is guess, disclaimer.  

I supple the levels you pivot your trading on.  Back over green up pattern started. (Buy 12 every 45 seconds might be also instructs.)

This is all mechanical higher math of some sort.

We do not give a rats tail.

I will give (my word again) levels with little noise.  Like NASD when I said nothing below for 450 handles?  When we missed a big half way of the whole thing. My chart trader eye of course.

Trust me.

To be fair.  One new caller bought his whole unit on my greens.  I felt uncomfortable as I felt risk too high.  Why lose $10k when method scales?  I have a program for your trader profile.

I'm doing a demo in CBOT today.


I like a client to tell me ones gig.  I put order in say in PAH, what? You missed that right bet, 

That is why I say we work CQG smart orders for you way off the market at times.  We like to shop early like hogs under a 3rd time failed OLB 6015 was it?  On Train.  I said watch the most out under as pyramid HFT short sellers hammered a pattern that just was breaking Monday as we jostled grenn buys last 4 bars until higher what's?  

Do you want to learn how to trade?

So guy got stopped on half.


FARMER ALERT- Lesson from me.  I get guys, strike. Traders that have say 10 lots on lugging, like dirt KC Wheat under Chgo.  

Listen up. When I say we rallied, paltry up to a Major TL, sell 4 of the 10.

It's real money and better money management. Jeez.

Plus let's go looking for where the OL Bandits are pushing markets I view as an opportunity trade.

Down Jones Alarm at home went off this am.  Posts a 7.  

I am not saying but this proprietary indicator of mine helps you stay calm in a sense.  

Meal multi year low? 304.30? Off cuff. Watch.  It may swan dive under this LT Grn. 

Coffee if you want I sell my charts in your market.  I do levels with ideas about my feel on risk.

If your just looking to buy my levels I believe will help shave your slippage.

 312-870-1184  Call.

You buy Hogs like my Bull Farmer said when I had a touch of chaos in mid Niv when he spotted some of my back months hitting major OLS.  

That long term guy is buying hogs back last few days. It's my story of how big Macro Players trade for very large macro moves.


That is the player I have set out to see how the market gives DNA in patterns big and small.  Same pattern because that is my code when it triggers.

I give you rules and you do get stopped out but that is good because you KNOW HOW TO TAKE LOSSES.


If you don't I think you bust out.

Your going to be short lumber under 400 and sit out 650 and make m8ney on that trade and think you win the war?  I seriously have to strangely disagree.

I did that and it is gut wrenching. Everyday losses grow? 

Not for me.


I look for bets where we buy my levels 1st time down.  Or stocks now.

I have stock sell levels available as of this am.  

Put your orders in early, stop on half?

Unless long term.

Buy wheat falling knife #'s anyone?

Sell in May?


I put support and resistance levels ahead of time that you trade off.

This is the same thing I have done last 30 years, any more you think I'm old on the CBOT trading floor my entire career.

I think like a trader.  Make fun of fundamentals.  Mental is in the word you like?

Detect high frequency trading teams that push most to extremes.


That's my product.

It stopped me out a career also.


I think that's an experienced lesson.


 I share giving good market action or color.




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