Silver News: Congress Has Serious Demands for the CFTC
Mike Hammer of The Gold Enthusiast - - Fri Feb 08, 10:28AM CST
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If you’re a regular TGE reader, you know The Gold Enthusiast’s .  Basically, it has happened, it is probably happening right now (on some scale), and will continue to happen until the enforcement agencies get serious about it.  This week a US Congressman  (Commodities Futures Trading Commission) asking a very pointed question:

Why the CFTC didn’t uncover manipulation found by a separate Department of Justice (DOJ) probe at the same time? Don’t know about your world, but that could be seen as a proverbial . Maybe the CFTC didn’t find it because they didn’t really look, or because they didn’t really want to find it – we don’t know. It will be interesting to see if any response from the CFTC is published.  The backstory makes for good reading, and it’s delightfully short and to the point.

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