Protecting Your Investment
From fungicides to herbicides, CHS Garrison employs a crop protection line-up designed to keep your fields pest- and disease-free. Our on-staff agronomists are trained to make recommendations regarding weed control, insect threats, and disease prevention. Whichever crops you grow, we can help you make the most of your investments while minimizing your risks. 

CHS Garrison has partnered with nationally recognized chemical supply companies to bring top-notch chemicals to farm operations throughout North Dakota.

Take a look through our Recipe Box for our favorite chemical recipes for protecting your crops.

Seed Treat and Innoculation

It looks like there may be some early planting of wheat and barley this spring and with that comes cooler soils. It's going to be important to use seed treat on these crops. Warden WR is a very good seed treat for wheat and barley. It provides control of loose smut, seedling blight, common root rot and wireworms.

We will be treating soybeans with Acceleron and Bioboost. Acceleron is a seed treat which controls seedling blights, pythium and phytophthora. Bioboost is a seed innoculant which helps the soybeans produce nodules on their roots. This helps the plants produce their own nitrogen. It is also important to double-innoculate with Rhizoflo. Putting Rhizoflo on at 10 acres/bag will ensure there will be enough bacterial in the soil for proper nodulation.